Energy Copper Magnetic Bracelet_CBG397
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Energy Copper Magnetic Bracelet_CBG397


Copper Magnetic Bracelets Stimulate Positive Thinking
One of the reasons why people benefit from wearing Copper magnetic bracelets doesn’t have anything to do with scientific evidence.

It’s simply a placebo effect: the power of positive thinking.

Those wearing copper magnetic bracelets expect them to be beneficial to their well-being, and that positive mindset stimulates positive results in their bodies (both on the physical and mental level).

Copper has been known since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. It will effectively treat your rheumatic, osteoarthritis and joint pain.

In contact with the skin, the copper in the bracelet enters the body by vascularization to reach each of our cells.

It resists corrosion and is not attacked by water.

It is pure and natural and has no contraindication.

Care: Clean with lemon for a brilliant shine.


  • Antibacterial

  • Treatment of stiffness and arthritis

  • Mineral absorption

  • Maintain the health of the heart and blood vessels

  • Improving the immune system

  • Resistance to aging

  • Treatment of iron deficiency and anemia

  • Nerve protection

  • Stimulate the brain

  • Level cut Cholesterol in the blood

  • Increase energy levels

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